My DANCE CARD was empty and ready for its first appointment.

The very first profile I viewed on line in this new world of dating was a charming appearing man in his mid fifties and clearly well educated with a way of words.   Ah!!!!!  but his height was listed as 5ft 8.  Very curious I thought to myself that I would notice that first. Maybe I was being a bit too particular in my selection process.

Reflecting on that observation, I was brought back to my days as an overweight middle school child. towering over all the young boys. Throughout those years, perhaps that issue  gave me insecurities that have persisted my entire adult life.

Despite this potential deal breaker I read on only because he was adorable.  It read….

“I know that others will read this but this is only for you, the one person who will make my life complete. My true love.

This is what makes me love you the way I do.

You are happy and enjoy living in your skin. You appreciate the blessings in life and look forward to challenges and adventures. however small they may be. You are kind in sprit, yet strong in your convictions. You have a pretty smile that comes from your heart and makes your eyes sparkle.

You are a student of the world and enjoy different cultures and embraces diversity which makes the world an amazing place

You take good care of yourself and look good in a little black dress but are just as pretty in your favorite jeans and t shirt.

You love kids, dogs, football ( well maybe?), romantic dinners, quiet walks, hot days at the beach and cold martinis.

Music is a big part of what we enjoy and we love to dance together. The feeling of the music, the two of us holding each other close just for that moment. We are best friends. We are one.”

WOW !!!!!What a wonderful read. Thought provoking and romantic. Who doesn’t want this??

I would respond. But I needed to assign him a dance…He was my Mr Contemporary

The Contemporary dance is modern, fluid with energy and passion. Improvisation is a cornerstone to this dance form which is different from classical dances in terms of style and moves. It is its own form of expression. Contemporary dancers give aspiring dancers the opportunity to seek the joy of dancing. It’s a dance for beginners, offering partners a chance to get to know one another from a new perspective.

My response was short but acknowledging that I liked his profile.

He in turn wrote back with pleasantries. He says…

“You have so many wonderful things in your profile. I love what you wrote and I read every word more than once. I cannot tell you how much I felt connected to you as I read your profile. I must admit that as I got to the end my heart sank when you stated that you were not searching for a long term relationship or commitment.  MAYBE WE ARE NOT A GOOD MATCH”

I did not hear from Mr Contemporary after this. At least for awhile,

Now I had to rethink all that I put in my profile. Perhaps this will scare potential men away from wanting to  meet? But honestly I was just separated and not completely divorced and really not looking for anyone to fill the shoes of that person I had been with for so many years. At least not for the moment.

So this is how it all began……My first encounter into this vastly confusing world of internet dating.

My dance card would await the next dancer to be placed as number 2 on my list.Who would that be??