My Dance Card was beginning to fill. Practice was my mantra; the more often I danced and the more partners I danced with the greater the likelihood of success. To find that perfect dancer that may lead to a partnership on and off the dance floor became both an enlightening yet disappointing adventure in looking for love in the last third of my life. The question remained, which dance would best suit my style and abilities?

Number 2 on my dance card would be the SLOW dance ..Mr. Slow presented himself as a normal, kind and caring man in his mid fifties divorced for 20 years and looking for the love of his life.

His profile read.

“I like to enjoy life to the fullest. I would describe myself as honest and trustworthy. I think the best of people and look for the best in all situations. I have found that it is not what you do but who you do things with. I am always happiest when I can do things for others. An ACKED of kindness takes a short time but leaves a long impression.”

Hm. “An Acked” of kindness. ¬†As I read this grammatically incorrect sentence I began to scrutinize this new dancer as possibly not being educated. But then I thought, maybe I shouldn’t critique every word written. The sentiments were thoughtful, even wonderful.Perhaps that error in spelling was simply a function of spell check on the computer. I decided to proceed. Oh and yes his height did meet my prerequisites.

Mr Slow was really the first man to capture my interest after 30 years of being in a monogamous relationship.What a thrill!

All of a sudden to be free to move in the unimaginable direction of potential love. It was scary, awesome, and yet quite confusing to say the least.

The difference with dating today for an older woman is the maturity and wisdom from experience. So I thought. It should be less complicated, but I soon discovered that the game is the same, the outcome similar and the unrealistic ideal expectations only cloud what is reality.

When I was supposed to be logically assessing a new partner and all the intricacies that go along with inviting someone into my life. I unknowingly reverted back to that kind of infatuation I felt as a  teenage girl. I was blinded by the extreme high of the drug of excitement.

Mr Slow dance began slowly. We both believed that ours was the perfect match early on. I would now remove my profile from that dating site and begin the Slow dance.