The night was spectacular watching Mr. Ballet perform with perfection and intellectual magnetism! What Brilliance!  Applause and standing ovation. I was feeling quite special; a VIP with a back stage pass. I made my way to the wings of the dressing room. The lights of the dressing room were blinding.   So many colorful costumes of tulle, silk and lace.

Wearing my own white lace dress I felt like one of them, a star. Now to be accompanied by my own star of the show.  Mr. Ballet. He gently touched my arm  presented me with a beautiful long stem red rose  and said “I want to take you somewhere special.”  We walked together arm in arm down the rain soaked pavement of this beautiful city. The streets were illuminated by the  streetlights reflections  in the pools of water that drenched the sidewalks.

The drizzle pranced on our bodies and I wasn’t feeling all that glamorous anymore but it didn’t matter He’d already seen me at my worst. Placing his jacket over my shoulders we ran through the raindrops escaping the approaching downpour. My new white dress looked less pristine.

Briskly trotting to our mystery destination, I thought about how we’d met 30,000 feet above ground. He was now guiding me through the streets of the waters edge. My footing became a bit unsteady. The sidewalks turned into large wooden planks with gaps revealing the churning seas below. The smells of the ocean were overwhelming! Where on earth is he taking me?. I followed with heightened anticipation in hopes that this pier led to safe, warm and dry conditions.

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Ann Reichardt