To approach love and life with a new and positive attitude presents to others that one is happy and grounded in their beliefs that we are all worthy and mostly fulfilled within  the framework of our existence. The need to have someone in our lives to make us happy will only serve to sabotage our desires.

I have discovered over the 14 years since my divorce that I am responsible for my own joy and success. No-one else. These years have proven to be exciting and mostly unexpected when looking for a partner to share moments with. Mostly they were moments and some extended into months but nothing substantially concrete to solidify a permanent union. I loved and lost, shared my grief time and time again with my audience.  They were all valuable lessons as I danced along the keys of virtual dating. I opened up myself to so much vulnerability that I thought I would lose my self many times.

I was dancing in the stars in hopes of hitching myself to one shining object of my affections. That was not to be. My efforts were many but should there be efforts when something so natural as connecting two souls come together. To have to work at love seemed wrong on so many levels. In deciding when meeting a new date it should flow effortlessly if the connection was there. Most often it wasn’t but that is ok. It helped to eliminate without dealing with the charade of continuing something that was not meant to be.

So here I am still floating across my keyboard looking left and right on those dating apps and choosing those that I may feel would be the right fit.

It’s a journey and a fun, exhausting, enlightening yet humbling process. I will keep dancing in this cyberspace in hopes of finding that star in my universe.