The formula for finding “Love” today especially after the end of a longterm committed monogamous partnership has drastically changed.

Starting over after a shared life can be challenging, unnerving and an affront to ones self esteem. Jumping into the “singles scene” as a senior can be daunting and intimidating but it can also be fun, enriching and an antidote to loneliness.

The new age of virtual dating have driven our lives in looking for love. With online dating there is a much larger pool of potential options. There is so much data to filter through. We have maximized our choices, seeking out the best never settling for just anyone.

Crisply written, Anns soon to be released new book is crisply populated by a revolving cast of colorful characters driven by thought provoking questions about dating as a senior.

The many would-be lovers showed different personalities and desires.Doggedly determined to understand the differences in individuals “games” she uncovers important clues to look out for.

There are many people we will “LOVE”  but are we looking for a “love story” or a life story?”