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Finding Love In this episode, I introduce you to Ann Reichardt, RN, artist, performer, athlete, and author of her book “The Dance Card: Looking for Love After Divorce”.

As an author, she delves into the human psyche regarding relationships as a young girl and now as an older mature adult, re-entering that world of love and romance. The tales are all chronicled in her series of books of midlife self discovery after the dissolution of a 30 year marriage and how she had to begin again, discovering important clues in finding love and maintaining a relationship.

With point blank insight and sexual intrigue, she questions the notion of finding love after weaving through this new dance floor of love. “The Dance Card”, which is her expressive narrative nonfiction, opens her up to vulnerabilities and cautionary tales inherent in modern day romance.

Ann shares the “Do’s and Don’ts” about dating after divorce or any loss, at any age. She addresses the many mistakes to avoid when looking for love again after divorce, such as:

  1. Complete your grieving process
  2. Avoid rebounding into a new relationship too soon.
  3. Resist unrealistic expectations entering into dating and/or a new relationship thinking it will be long term. The formula for finding a partner has changed dramatically with both men and women in midlife.
  4. Do not carry the wounds from your past forward. Be ready to accept a new person in our lives on a different level.
  5. Examine your options as there are more options than ever within the digital dating world. Be selective and do not settle for the sake of being a couple.
  6. Be open to a variety of relationships, whether as a companion, a passionate intimate relationship or just friendship.
  7. Be aware of the many factors that prepare you to be ready to date again after a long term marriage ends.
    8. Identify a partner in recognizing who might be a perfect partner for a long term relationship on and off the dance floor of love.