Originating from the southern parts of France, the Paso Doble quickly incorporated into Spanish culture, it is less a social dance, more of a competitive one. It is lively with arrogance and extreme passion, modeled after the drama of a bullfight

Although hesitant to connect I was curious as to what type of doctor he was? I replied: “Seattle is beautiful I would love to revisit some day. What is your medical specialty?”

He quickly responded: “Annie so are you online now looking for your next boyfriend or just looking at my pix?”

I responded: “No, I just think it’s the kind thing to do; reply to those who send me a message. I’m always looking aren’t you? That’s why we are here stuck on this sometimes vexating dating site. We do live too far from one another, logistically that never works for creating a relationship.”

“Well then I’ll fly you here and yes there is that challenge but I love what you write in your profile. And I hope this doesn’t tick you off but is your picture recent? I’m a cosmetic surgeon I make women look beautiful.”

I KNEW IT!  I could be his perfect patient, working his magic through his surgical scalpel and syringed filled fillers to erase those years of stress, aging and gravity. My now sagging and lifeless breasts could be lifted  and supple and inviting once again. Should I enlist this new dancer and go out looking good in the last quarter of my life?

Mr. Paso Doble would be that dictatorial fighter a god-like surgeon eager to perform with sterile gown and sheets like crisp white capes. Entering his surgical theatre, dressed to perform his passes. Working with precision he’d make that first incision to create his master piece he so desired in a partner. Would I be his conquest, lying on the operating table draped, sedated and ready for the scalpel. He, the fighter would slash in hopes of perfection.

To be continued…

Ann Reichardt  is the author of The Dance Card, Looking for Love After Divorce. It os the first in a 3 book series. Her soon to be released book The New Dance Card; Looking For Love Online  continues her stories of looking for that perfect parter in love and life

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