The flight finally landed. My conversation with this guy sitting next to me continued.

“Je m’appelle Ballentine,” he introduced himself while unwrapping his arms from my body.”Are you going to be alright?”

I looked at him with appreciation and felt a bit embarrassed at my hysterical antics during the flight. “Yes,” I answered “Thank you for being so sweet. My name is Annie.”

He continued the conversation. Pleasantries about himself, career, family and why he was traveling. He was a professional dancer and performed all around the world. His next stop was Seattle. The more he talked I thought maybe I didn’t need my laptop of “love” to meet a potential partner from an online dating site…a new dancer to put on my “dance card?” He was a real life dancer. No winks, no profiles. Here was a real life connection. I was suppose to meet Mr. Pasa Doble but I became less interested in “the doctor.” My supreme makeover  was not in my mindset right now. I had already revealed vulnerabilities to this traveling partner. Those fears that I revealed during the flight would only serve to eliminate all the normal introductory crap that is so typical when dating online.


The story continues in my soon to be released book”The New Dance Card” Looking For Love Online. The second in a three book series of searching for the right partner in love and life.”The Dance Card” Looking For Love After Divorce is available on, Barnes & Noble, Apple i-tunes kindle and Nook


Ann Reichardt is a retired registered nurse and educator,author, artist, athlete, performer and mother to 2 adult daughters.Her quest of finding the right partner after her 30 year marriage ended in divorce are chronicled in her books, giving hope and inspiration to those finding similar challenges in life.