My new dance partner; Mr. Ballet- my frenchman.The word ballet comes from the French with origins in Italian and Latin, meaning” to dance.” It is a dance for performance that has become highly technical; requiring training and ongoing practice.

The flight was over. Would I ever see him again? I really wanted to continue with this man. But with a polite “Pleasure to meet you,” and ” I hope you have a great time in the city.” Mr. Ballet slipped from his seat exiting the plane.

I was hoping he might venture to ask for my contact information. Was it too bold of me to ask him? I wanted to dance the ballet with this Frenchman, so I scribbled my name and number on a chewing gum wrapper. I handed it to him and profusely thanked him for being so kind to me.

He politely accepted it with a grand smile and said ” Merci, ma cherie. I shall call you.” Oh the sensation…I felt like a teenager meeting my first date at a recreation center, holding a dance card. I was alive, literally and figuratively. On the ground but flying high once again.

To see how Annie and Mr. Ballet continue their moves on and off the dance floor of love be sure to look for

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Ann Reichardt is  a retired registered nurse and educator, author, artist and athlete. She resides in Scottsdale Arizona