Courageous now that my Dance of Grief seemed to be over

Curious about this outside world of coupledom.

I ventured out as a single middle aged women

Meeting a perspective partner in todays world of technology was quite different from the days of flirting across that gymnasium floor at a local recreation center where school or community dances were held.

I remember holding that cardboard “Dance Card” with names of dances accompanied by the gents, one was to dance with.

Looking over the names 1 through 10 there would always be that one partner that created those butterflies in anticipation of being swung across that highly polished wood floor

Were those same youthful feelings of excitement at all possible again?

My newly made Dance Card would be a lesson in choosing the right dancer for a long term partner. Instead of dance cards I was now faced with “Profiles”

The Dance of Cyberspace..finding love online

“Let the Dances Begin”