AH!!!   The internet. We have reached new levels where no man has gone before. I seem to remember that phrase from a long forgotten television show.  No one ever thought it possible to be communicating through air waves prompted from a little virtual screen atop one’s desk in the privacy of their safe homes.

But here we are the masses joined together looking for connections on so many levels. Friends, family, work, networking for business , life and now for love.

“LET THE DANCES BEGIN”  As I am pondering the quest to meet someone new to incorporate into my life, I first had to muddle through the process of signing up on a dating site. Words cannot express the shock I felt when perusing the various cyberspace possibilities.

All of this seemed overwhelming and I decided to dive deep into this murky pool with the intention of just seeing who may be out there. Before signing up on any site one is able to peruse the particular individuals  that may have already enlisted themselves as potential matches. I eagerly learned the process of this new game and listed my criteria. Strangely enough I specified men in their 50’s educated, athletic and tall. Those were my prerequisites. The demographics would be within a 500 mile radius of my appointed address. This was all a mystery to me but I had no other options now that I was thrown into this world of being single.

Dating for me felt especially strange after being in a monogamous  relationship for 30 years. No longer the ideal of The “Leave it To Beaver” Ward and June Cleaver lovingly attending to one another through good times and hard times. The commitment was there and the many marriages from that era were for the most part long lasting. Not so much  today, as I soon discovered.

I was all set to click that mouse to visually glance at a prospective future partner in my life. VOILA!! One finger movement on that mouse and out poured hundreds of lovelorn men and women. All waiting for that one person to peer into a portion of their lives and “like” what they see.

One of my first online  suitors described the online dating experiences as being in a store window, naked, exposed to all potential shoppers for goods they may want to purchase. Not every item is desirable, in fact very few of the items on our grocery list are desirable at all. As we are older and supposedly wiser, we become more selective with whom we may want to choose. We won’t settle for anything that is not perfect.

Another online gent equated dating online to being in a used car lot and choosing the one that would catch someone’s eye, the sleek look of the exterior as well as the fit while sliding into the front seat. Would the ride be perfect if there were bumps along the rocky road of discovery? Would this car be able to handle the remaining years together like a racing team riding the road of life?

Now my interest was peaked. I would actually sign up on a popular site and begin the dialogue with the other 50 million who took that plunge into the deep end. It was time to get my feet wet. Fill out a profile , expose myself to all those men looking for love. To be scrutinized, idolized and possibly criticized. I was ready……..My adventures begin.