Profiles….The all important dossier of ones life.

To begin that all important manuscript you have to think hard about yourself and analyze all those assets that you feel make you an interesting an inviting person.   A synopsis of background, interests, education, heritage, political and or religious affiliation as well as physical attributes.

This was a difficult task. I never talked about myself . What contributions did I make to create some significance in this world? I was a mother, caretaker, nurse, educator, chauffeur, dance mom, cook, maid, psychologist, What did I have to offer?

All those years of being looked at as “someones wife” I had lost my own identity  Just a mere cast member in the ensemble of a family, standing obediently in the wings, supporting and nurturing the whole production. Not center stage, no applause, no standing ovation.

It was NOW time to “dance like no one is watching” With courage I decided to give up my understudy role and become the lead on the a new stage.

My profile read…

I am youthful, spirited, romantic and caring with a sensitive and introspective heart and soul. I am a lover of nature and life.

I am liberal, open minded with a spirit for new adventures. I am athletic, quiet and reserved. Adoring, not self absorbed, but confident in myself and in my abilities.

My hopes and dreams center around a sound value system, one that honors my family.

I am a parent, daughter, sister, Aunt and friend. I generally care about others and look for the goodness that we all possess. I will always embrace the needy and treat them with respect. I never take things for granted and I try to live each day as if it were my last.

Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there. I am hopeful that this will happen for everyone and not just for me

I am looking for someone who will appreciate me for me and all that I have to offer. My ideal match must respect my independence but also nurture a friendship that requires the give and take that is so important in a loving and balanced relationship.

I am not searching for a long term commitment right now but I am willing to see what life has in store for me, so I will leave the door open to let the sunshine in.

Done!!!!! Now I was available for the