Opening up my virtual DANCE CARD would be the beginning of my eight year adventure looking for love after divorce.

The computer and technology have replaced those dance cards from when I had met my husband. That was 30 years ago.

I would open up a studio for all would be dancers to be considered on my new dance card of love.

Choosing to give my suitors alter egos was not intentional at first. Like dance, they came in many different forms and they telegraphed their moves according to the definition of specific dances.

Dance is a vibrant and extremely expressive form of art comprising both aesthetic and social components. Any and all forms of dance have the power to bind people on an emotional level, in romance or in friendship.

The art of dating is like a beautiful form of dance, providing social and intimate interactions between two people. The rhythm of the music allows for individual interpretation and for two people to improvise dance steps as they start dating. Some who take those first steps successfully complete their dance, and some falter, stumbling over their own feet.

With such popularity as “DANCING WITH THE STARS” and “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” the increased knowledge about dance has given rise to men and women wanting to set foot onto a ballroom floor.

Every dance, as every person has a unique identity. Each dancer and dance is beautiful and appealing in its own way.

The selected ones to be auditioned for my “DANCE CARD” were all wonderful yet some of the moves were never in line with what my idea was as a permanent dance partner.

The card of love is eager to place my very first enlistment.

He will be referred to as “Mr. Contemporary”. This is an artistic dance with a high level of difficulty with its own form of expression through improvisation.