With Mr. Slow gone from my life I felt it necessary to wait a month or two before venturing into the pool again. I dove too deep into the online dating too soon. I was newly separated and all I wanted was someone to lift me up, cherish me and boost that ego once again. Mr. Slow was the perfect entrée into dating again. He was wonderful but we weren’t in line with anything longterm.

Once I decide it was time to return I entered with more realistic expectations in looking for the right partner.

Mr. Tango would be my next enlistment on my dance card. As they say it does “take two to tango” This guy looked ideal on screen; handsome, tall and athletic and very well groomed. He posted professional pictures to the site, 10 to be exact and all a bit too perfect.

In his profile he was precise, possibly a bit analytical and organized as evidence by his pictures. An engineer perhaps? He spoke of his many accomplishments; building grand homes around the little community he lived. Reading on I detected a hint of religious fervor with phrases such as “God is good” Praise the lord” and ” faith be with you”

We connected and decided to meet. The usual scenario; lunch or coffee. It was a long distance drive for both. I was excited and the drive seemed long. My anxiousness required  a few stops along the way to relieve my nervous bladder.

As I drove into the parking lot to the restaurant I was greeted by Mr. Tango..his first words to me were… “You have the exact same car I bought my wife before we separated.”

Oh my, I thought, what an introduction! This set the tone for the conversation. It was not a good one. The entire luncheon centered around Mr. Tango; his sad “feel sorry for me” His wife had left him. He went on and on about being such a big wig in his community.

Never asked me a damn thing about my life. I listened wondering if he ever would inquire about me? He didn’t.

I left that luncheon disappointed not because I felt rejected but quite frankly he was a “schmuck” with a head bigger than any mother would want to deliver.