Back to my lap top of potential romantic choices. The profiles were numerous. Many men in their 50’s mostly divorced some widowed and a few just separated like myself.

Reading the many dossiers of the lovelorn was starting to be a job! So many men and women pouring out their hearts and souls onto that virtual page. We were all vying for that next applicant to invite into our lives.

“Winks” were coming in now; that first introduction from someone wanting to say hello but are afraid to leave a message. Perhaps we are all a little guarded for fear of not being noticed or rejected if we make the first move. That is the new way of dating. Technology has provided so many advances as a whole but in the realm of love it only serves to distance two people allowing connecting without commitment.

Mr. Two Step approached me. Shocker! ┬áHis profile read: “The Feeling Is Gone And I Want It Back. My 30 minute infomercial: extra for shipping and handling. Guarantee option available. I am rather tall (6′ 6”) not overweight just over tall. He sent a quick text saying he liked my profile and would like to begin a conversation.

This guy was cute, but too young …46 years old. Wasn’t sure I wanted to respond but good ole Annie was raised to be polite. I winked.

His response “So you like tall men?”

I responded, “yes but they have to have substance.”

This began our clever dialogue for the night. We decide to meet.

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