The weeks flew by and my search seemed endless. Many new faces appeared on the online dating site, all seeming to beg for that chance to put on their dancing shoes in hopes of taking a trial spin with someone new- male models, judges, physicians, dentists, pilots, corporate executives, sailors, bikers, teachers, artists, educators, farmers, laborers, firefighters, venture capitalist and the list goes on and on. Funny, I thought, how we are defined by the jobs we do.

Along came the next entry onto my dance card.  Mr. Rumba. It was clear that the picture posted on the profiles were the draw. No matter how well written that profile was it was the visual photo that would be the most important part of creating initial interest. His was undeniably appealing. An instant chemical attraction I couldn’t deny streaming over these waves of telecommunication.

” Squeeze every drop out of life” it read “Starting a new chapter in life but not willing to “settle” for settlings sake. I’m a marathon junkie: I do iron man races and any marathon available around the world.

He winked and sent an email to me:” Hello, loved your picture and profile. “I was reading and I thought to myself “perfect” Tell me more about yourself.”

Our dance began. The Rumba is the dance of love, sexy, electrifying and emotional. Our connection was much like this dance. It began initially centered around a mutual love of our dogs. His was an aging labrador and mine a new puppy. Common interests were important, I found out, to at least open up a conversation to pave the way for other more intimate dialogue. Those dialogues were soon to follow.

Our texts and emails  and phone calls became numerous. Checking our calendars we decided to meet. He was willing to make the 4 hour drive to see me. I was impressed.

The first cache onto our dance floor was deliriously intoxicating. We were in lust with each other.

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