I hesitated over looking for another dance partner after Mr. Rumba. It was becoming a daunting task, but should it feel like a task at all? If the match is meant to be, then the moves should flow effortlessly. The pressure to keep up my appearance as a youthful and sought- after dance partner made me feel anxious.. Men are so damn visual! But then again so are women. I wanted someone tall and fit and good looking too.

The next profile that caught my eye delivered just what it promised. It read:

Something out of the ordinary: 52 year old man, 6ft 6in. divorced with one son, looking to find someone to do things with. Owned my own business, performed around the world…I don’t have a lot of free time.   He winked at me so I responded.

“Thanks for the notice. What kind of performing do you do?”

“I played cello. It’s a large instrument and fit my frame. I have played around the globe with symphony orchestras. Now I have my business making these beautiful instruments in my studio.”

I was hooked! I admired artists in all disciplines.I called him  Mr.Salsa because these dancers move to the beat of many instruments. He was a gentle giant with a soulful voice. Mr. Salsa was sexy and smooth at improvisation. This attitude made me respond in a similar manner.

Our first meeting was just that easy. We both felt a moment of “I know you from somewhere” Had we met before? That afternoon was one of delight and discovery.

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