I hesitated looking for another guy online but I knew that living miles apart creates obstacles when trying to find a continual connection with someone. Mr Rumba lived so far from me and neither of us could or would relocate to accommodate the other. The connection continues, however, in a most unlikely way.

Mr. Grind presented himself as a very confident guy with few inhibitions. Much like the dance he was ready to straddle his partner. It sounded more painful than seductive with this partner and it was.

We decided to meet for a drink after his round of golf on a sunny summer day. I wore my usual little black sleeveless dress to impress. The date and time was set. I arrived and sat in a large leather chair and waited for my painful counterpart to arrive. An hour went by and I was getting impatient.Ordering a seven up I sat for another few minutes.

Barreling through the door of the restaurant was a stocky, redheaded somewhat attractive guy wearing plaid shorts, a pink polo shirt and boat shoes. He glanced across the room and spotted a young lovely 30 some-thing woman sitting alone. I intercepted his move towards her and introduced myself. Much to his dismay I was not the young lady he was hoping for.

I joked, “Too bad your’e stuck with me.”

He sat down and ordered a drink, never apologizing for his tardiness. He said he was celebrating on the 19th hole with his buddies.

I  asked about his life, family and why he was single again.

He answered with complete disregard for my feelings. “Oh I was married for 25 years,I decided I didn’t love her anymore and wanted someone more stimulating.”

Oh my dear God!


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