“I just wanna have fun!”That was the next tagline I noticed.

His profile said:

I live alone, slowly losing my mind. I have a beautiful home on the water and every toy a guy could want. I want to shares my life with someone I love. I love to restore classic boats and play classic music. Six-one, blond hair, hazel eyes, caucasian, divorced, two kids. I am Dutch. I love chocolate!

I responded, “Like your cute and witty profile.”

He immediately replied, ” I build boats. I need your number. I have toys and fly planes.”

I liked this guy especially cuz he liked chocolate. He was quick witted, fun and a bit brotherly. I have 4 brothers so I knew all about teasing and childish banter and I loved it.

” Thats the biggest toy plane I have ever seen.” I said in response to one of his pictures on line.

” Hold On I’ll be there before you know it.Pick you up and fly back to my territory. If we don’t like each other, just put on those ruby red slippers and click your way back home.”

The reference to the WIZARD OF OZ couldn’t be more perfect.I had played the role of Auntie Em and could relate. I replied eagerly

“Ok Mr. Wizard tell me where and when. ”

With great surprise he backed away saying, “DAMN YOUR’E IMPULSIVE.”

That was our initial communication. I didn’t hear back from this cowardly lion for about a week or so and then his terse email came in to me.

“Hold on there Auntie Em. I reread your profile and it said you were a LIBERAL. I’m not sure we are going to get along.

This was going to be a doozy of a date…if we ever get together..find out.

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