“Life is all about attitude. People would describe me as funny, passionate and energetic. I strongly feel there are four”C’s” in a relationship:Communication, commitment, chemistry and compromise.” He would be the next dance on my card …

The jitterbug is a high energy, lively, uninhibited form of swing dance; a dance without control, full of improvisation, cutting loose and out of control.

The technical difficulties to master this kind of dancer would take time, patience and regular practice. That is what we did.Our first conversation was tense and it set the tone for future conversations.

A voice message came through: “Annie, just giving you a jingle. You know this would never work. The distance is a factor, even if we were perfect for each other, fell in love, wanted to get married, we are just setting ourselves up for disappointment.”

I replied.”So if you have already negated the potential for any kind of relationship why begin communicating?”

Despite the apprehension we did continue communicating. Most of our dialogue centered around sports, golf, tennis etc. We then decided it was time to meet.

Mr. Jitterbug announced” Hey you know we have to go on five dates before we can really get to know one another?”

“Elaborate please.”I queried.

“Let’s begin with our first date and we can discuss. Come visit me I will plan everything, dinner, drinks, a walk through the museum, perhaps after dinner drinks, a bonfire at my home, dancing under the light of the moon. Now will we be on to the fifth date?”

Too funny! I was up for the adventure and besides he was so damn cute! He did say he was a kid at heart; a peter pan wanna be”Never wanting to grow up. Maybe I would be his Wendy for the day and he would take me to Neverland.

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Ann’s incredible journey chronicles her dating in midlife after the end of a long term marriage.Her dance card has 10 guys she attempts to connect with for a long term relationship. Each date/ dancer provides her with insight into what and who will be the right fit for her in third of her life.

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Ann Reichardt