“Baby cakes, where are you?” My bluetooth buzzing Mr Jitterbug called anxiously awaiting my arrival. He continued in a phrenetic tone. “What kind of wine do you like? I’m going to the market. What’s your favorite cheese my Wisconsin girl? A bit of a dig regarding my Midwest accent.

Arriving at the restaurant in the heart of Milwaukee there was my jitterbug;sprinting to my car, disheveled ¬†hair, baggy jeans and teeshirt with flip-flops. With a grand bowing posture he opened my door to greet me with a huge boyish grin. He was a “Hot Mess”

Taking my arm we entered the little bistro. He was in motion once again sprinting to the counter ordered for both of us. “Watcha think Annie? Are we a match?”

Cute but silly I thought for a 50 something man. He clearly was a little boy in a mans body.

“Give me some time to check on your table manners.” I replied

On to the art museum and then to a local bar for a few more refreshments; he a few brews, me a glass of wine. This felt more like being buddies at a post athletic event; shoot the shit, drink too much and make fools of ourselves. This would be considered the 3rd date for Mr. Jitterbug. He downed a few more beers and his energetic self became more subdued and less interested in me. I was his drinking buddy for the night and the idea of a 4th or 5th date diminished.

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