After the whirlwind of emotions settled from my dance with Mr. Jitterbug I was eager to find that last dancer to fill my Dance Card of Love in hopes that it may be my final and most long lasting partner.

It all started with that darn ” wink” and a comment. ” A vision of beauty and grace.”

Ooh nice I thought. The flattery did not go unnoticed. But he was only 44 years old! I would be a senior woman to him. Why on earth did his profile pop up? His listed ideal age range was 35 to 45. He was new to the area.TALL, HANDSOME, and intriguing, one young daughter.

Clearly I did not fit within his parameters of who he was looking for . Why then did he want to connect? Being that nurturer I felt compelled to assist him in becoming acquainted with the area.

And So our dance began… The Waltz;the romantic of all ballroom dances, slow and deliberate as each step is enunciated with emotion and drama.



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