My dance with Mr. Waltz was sexy romanic and intoxicating. He was oh so young! I had that Gut feeling we all hear about when something is amiss. I didn’t follow my gut with Mr. Waltz. The sensuous talk, romantic interludes and chemistry didn’t allow for any rational thinking. I didn’t care really. All I wanted was someone to show me the love and attention that was missing for so long in my life.

It takes time to get over that passionate phase in a relationship. It took me 2 years to be exact. That’s what all the relationship experts tell you. 12 to 18 months and that dopamine phase is the drug .. all powerful overriding any logical thinking about who we are as individuals let alone potential partners. I was smothered with this hormone and its effects on me were addicting. He was addicting, BUT…

The time arrives when that intoxicating drug levels off..the next phase in a relationship becomes paramount in assessing situations better. The Companionate phase …No longer consumed by the love potion, the ugly warts become visible for both parties. I was seeing a lot of warts and they needed to be excised

Mr. Waltz had some doozies and I didn’t find out until way into our relationship.

Imagine finding out the guy your sleeping with was incarcerated at one point in is life and not just for something petty. All I could think of “Was he someones BITCH?  I was afraid now and needed to cleanse myself of this soiled relationship.

Understanding past events that form who we are as individuals, we have to decide if we can accept those personalities and will they be the best fit for partnering.

He would be the last dancer on my “Love Card” There were ten guys and they all provided me with great insight into who I am and what I want in a relationship. The steps it took to find out were all necessary for me to understand the importance of being selective. Will I open up a new “DANCE CARD”? The options are endless….



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