Dance is a vibrant, expressive form of art with both aesthetic and social components. It has the power to bind people together on an emotional level, in romance and in friendship. The art of dating is like a beautiful form of dance, providing social and intimate interaction between two people. The rhythm of the music allows for individual interpretation and for couples to improvised dance steps as they are dating. Some successfully complete the dance, while others falter and stumble.

I stumbled many times!. But all necessary falls to learn who I was an individual apart from a partner. The many steps and dates that I experienced along this now 10 year journey of searching for love has given me new perspective. Reflecting on reentering the dating world as a middle aged woman has allowed me to see the importance of being selective in choosing the right partner for a promising relationship.

Online dating has provided more romantic options than previous generations but it is not without issues. This new age of technology requires the ability to navigate and filter through all the data, sorting through profiles, examining our own parameters, being careful to choose according to what is important to each one of us narrows that playing field. There is always compromise. Who do we want at the core of a person, internal values, interests, personalities, shared familiarities in stages of life? Can we change to fit a new partner? Some of us keep evolving as others are set in their ways.

Having unrealistic expectations in finding that ideal partner sets us up for disappointment.There is no perfection but as one of my online daters stated: “No one wants to settle for the sake of settling.”

When faced with a challenge how we approach those obstacles may determine the success or failure of moving towards a relationship.

All those suitors from my first “dance card” gave me the insights to understanding better how to move forward. The 10 dancers: Mr. Contemporary; Mr. Slow, Mr.Tango,Mr. Two Step, Mr. Rumba, Mr. Salsa, Mr. Cha Cha, Mr. Jitterbug and Mr. Waltz were all unique and wonderful. None would fit within my life but they taught me new steps in my continual dance of love and life.

My Dance Card was locked away for a few years …But I decided to revisit all those guys that I had met. Where are they now? The events that occurred are all in my next book “The New Dance Card” Looking For Love online. The new dance card auditions 10 new dates with completely different moves on and off the dance floor of love…Soon to be released